Dr. Ken Kochler D.O. 

Co-Founder & Medical Director

   Hormone Balancing 
   Clinical Nutrition
   Functional Medicine


   Adrenal Fatigue

   Lyme Disease & Co-Infections


   Signaling Therpies
   Herbs & Natural Medicine
   Licensed in Florida & Virginia


Company Profile

Institute of Functional Medicine

Several Certificates

Ongoing CME credits and advanced training in the most cutting edge areas of integrative medicine and the healing arts. 

Anamol Labs and Rocky Mountain Analytical

Certification in In-Office Lab

Many valuable tests can be performed in-office to not only give us instant results and continual monitoring, but also the ability to see things that are often overlooked.

ANMC and NuLife Sciences

Certification in Advanced Applied Nutritional Microscopy

Introductory and Advanced Certificates in applied nutritional microscopy using darkfield technology. In-person training with the famous Parisian scientist & pioneer Gaston Naessens himself.

Certificates & Affiliations

College of Health Care Executives

Leadership Level

Our CEO has received a certificate from the College of Health Care Executives to ensure excellence in operation and service.

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Physician Member

Each practitioner in our network must meet strict guidelines including a wide scope of training to ensure they are the most proficient and effective health professionals available.

Say hello to the new and improved you!

Ontario Homeopathic Association

Doctor of Homeopathy

Premed courses plus 9 semesters of homeopathic college plus clinical internship equals one great education.

Your results are the only priority.


With the BFF Holistic Health Network, your outcome is the measure of our success.

Having numerous holistic options available and included in one membership allows us to focus on getting the results you need.

International Academy for Homotoxicology

Certification in Homotoxicoogy

This science-based training ensures that practitioners using the principles of homeopathy and homotoxicology have the proper training required. 

Brad Ferringo ND HD (Can.) 

Naturopath & Homeopathic Doctor is your

   Clinical Nutrition

   ALCAT Testing
   Natural Medicine
   Immune Modulation


National Council for Homeopathy

Professional Member

For over a decade, our homeopath has received the highest training available.