pH Balance

The importance of pH balance

The risk factors with increased tissue acidity

Tools and techniques to help alkalize and balance internal pH levels



The importance of detoxification

The risk factors with increased toxicity

Tools and techniques to help detoxify properly and safely



Understanding inflammation

The risk factors with increased systemic inflammation

Tools and techniques to reduce inflammation


Oxidative Stress

The importance of antioxidants

The risk factors with increased oxidative stress

Tools and techniques to help reduce oxidative stress


Other Factors

The importance of stress reduction, as well as regular physical, mental, and social activity

The risk factors with decreased physical, social, and mental activity.

Tools and techniques to increase your levels of mental, physical, and social activity

Food Sensitivities

A nourishing food to one person may be poison to another. Many people have significant

sensitivities to foods, additives, herbs and even medicines and supplements. Find out what feeds

you verses hurts you and improve health from the inside with the Alcat™ Food and Chemical

sensitivity testing.

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Hormone Balance

Another area that can create tremendous issues is when our hormones are not in balance. Many

people mistakenly start a program that can do more harm that good, and set the imbalance out

even further.

First, we need to understand what our levels are. The best way is to use the amazing and simple

DUTCH Complete Hormone Testing kit.

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