​​​​The BFF-Holistic PMA System 


Offering a Proven System of 3-Steps to your Best Health Restoration & Optimization. Ever.

               1  Individualize    –  understand your situation and unique needs

               2  Personalize     –  custom design your program

               3  Empower         –  provide all the help you need, every step of the way

What are PMAs (Personal Medical Advocates), and how can they help me?

Your PMA must be a multi-disciplinary health professional, internationally trained in numerous modalities including a minimum of clinical nutrition, in-office lab testing, as well as conventional, naturopathic, and functional medicine.

As an Internationally-trained Integrative Health Professional, and highly experienced Naturopath with numerous certificates and affiliations in a wide scope of health sciences, Brad works with a very small number of people 1-on-1 to be their guide through the entire process, putting people first ahead of any system, tool, or protocol by first helping them understand what it all means to their individual situation, and then empowering each person with the right tools, proper knowledge, confidence, and guidance to help take their health back.

Why should I consider working with Personal Medical Advocates?

Ask yourself  -  who is really on your side? 

Of course, all businesses, banks, insurance companies will tell you they are the best, and they offer the best products, and you need them. Some people find great benefit using a broker to first understand what level of insurance you need, and then go get the best policy, best investments, or best package to fit your specific goals and needs. Do you really need meteor insurance?

The secret - it must be personalized, and it shouldn’t be complicated.

Personal Medical Advocates make you the focus and priority to follow you every step of the way, to ensure all efforts and time is spent moving towards your goals, not someone else’s.

Why is partnering with a Personal Medical Advocate better than working directly with health practitioners?

Your Personal Medical Advocate is an impartial professional that can help you in ways no practitioner or clinic can. By working for you, everything changes, because the focus is shifted from someone elses practice and business, and put firmly on to your outcomes where your results are always the priority. This way all efforts are always in your best interest, moving toward gentle and rapid health restoration as the primary goal.

There are many different ways to approach health, with numerous therapies, practitioners, and options.


      The Self-Navigation Cycle   –  'Do I sabotage my own wellbeing ?'

Does this journey sound familiar?

Phase 1            Problem Statements
First you determine what you believe are your main problems, and prioritize what seems to be the root causes, and then learn as much about your specific issues and concerns as possible. You probe the internet, TV, magazines, radio and the media, as well as friends and family for anything you can find, and confidently identify what you believe is your issue. The results provide encouragement and hope, while also revealing significant conflicting opinions in a vast sea of endless information.

Phase 2             Solutions
You then set out to learn about all the solutions you can, including the tools, techniques, supplements and some seemingly amazing & wonderful new products that claim to help you with your challenge. Most of this decision is based on blogs and testimonials from other people with the same issues as you, and people selling their solutions with big marketing claims that says exactly what you want to hear. Clinical journals and research papers contribute only a little, mainly because you cant make sense of them.

Phase 3             Self-Medicating
You start implementing your own program that you feel is right based on all the reading and opinions you have gathered together. Purchases are made online, and from various vendors, network marketing reps, health food stores, and health practitioners.

Phase 4             Desperation & Disappointment
This is where you start to wonder why nothing works, and why you’re not getting the results you thought you would get, and are now tired and overwhelmed scrambling around trying to figure out how to manage it all before you lose what little hope and resources you have left.

    Does any of this sound familiar?  If so...

Choice A            Repeat the Cycle
You decide you must have missed something, and if you just look harder and in a few more places, read a few more things online, do a few more tests, you will find the secret key that has been missing. So you go back to Phase 2 and keep the cycle going.

Choice B            Break The Cycle
You realize that you are not a health professional, and have an epiphany that you might be part of the problem, and in order to break the cycle you need to seek assistance from someone you can trust that is sufficiently educated in Integrative Medicine, like the Personal Medical Advocates you recently heard about, who can get to the root issues quickly, formulate and apply personalized effective programs, and help you feel the best you have in years.

Are You In Reactionary Mode ?

When we first discuss the 5-Step System to Feeling the Best You Have in Years, we hear a few "Ya but.." coming from those in the self-navigation cycle stuck in reactionary mode.

“Ya but..           

‘The timing is not good right now’           


‘I can’t afford this right now…I will make do in the mean time, I should be ok.’

      or in extreme cases

 ‘Ya but, I am so tired and overwhelmed, I can't try anything else right now...’

 Its right then, when you are just about to give up, that you are given an opportunity for change.


    a. how good were your results in the last year?

    b. how much time and money did it costs to get those results?

    c. what is the cost of not doing something about your situation?

Did these answers align closely with your goals and meet your expectations?
If not, what you are doing is not working. Why do more of the same? You will get more of the same.

Those in reactionary mode also cycle in a pattern of forever hoping for some secret magic wand, as if there is a magical potion out there that will fix everything, if you just keep looking.

This is often the results of navigating life in desperation and fear.

Knowledge and action will allow you to persevere and do the hard work required to take your health back, and it all starts with empowerment, not enablement.

Personal Medical Advocates will not play the enabler game, taking your time and money while keeping you in the cycle. PMAs are in the empowerment and health transformation business.



Offering a Proven System to your Best Health Restoration & Optimization. Ever.


"I’ve tried it all, and heard it all before!”

We feel your pain. More importantly, we understand why you feel that way.

What we often experience is a rigid system where each clinic has their own way of doing things, and at first they all sound great, and this keeps our hopes up and we think if we just try one more thing with one more health professional we will find what we have been missing.

What we are used to, is instead of being listened to and understood, we are forced into their world, to make their job easier and more convenient. We go into their particular place, to go through specific tests they think we need, with a pre-arranged set of steps. Before we can realize what happened, they know little about us, but we know what they are all about.

We end up knowing more about them than they know about us. Doesn't that seem wrong?

We find all about their particular sequence that promises results, where they do it, how they do it, why they do it, and how much they charge, but its basically the same for everyone, and we end up receiving too little time and attention to be understood, what about our needs and goals?

Statistics say that you will find yourself right back where you started, except a little more skeptical and a little less hopeful.

Sound familiar?

What's the Right Method or Protocol?

Simple. The right one is the one that's right for you.

While they all claim to have the answers, many people only work with only one tool, and force you to fit you into their world, where the priority is in fact their own process, system, business, or healing paradigm. If it's not individualized, if it's not customized, it's not for you.

A private medical advocate leverages any and all tools and people that can help you. It all starts with careful observation, to listen and take the time needed to understand. The additional of flexible and advanced testing helps identify the root causes and your real risks.

Armed with the right info, your medical advocate will then develop a personalized program so instead of feeling confusion, fear or desperation over what to do, you feel informed and empowered, so you can focus on getting back to your life, and what you love to do instead.

How do you know if it's right for you?

How do you know what's helping, what's hurting, what's wasting time and resources?

The real answer is to work with a highly trained and impartial health advocate experienced in all areas can help you navigate all your options in the sea of information, efficiently and effectively.

The key is individualization, personalization, and simplicity.

Focusing on personalized wellness, each program is highly individualized and customized to fit your needs, because your results is the priority.
This system is ideal for those who want a personal guide to help prioritize and understand root causes, and identify the right tools for the restoration of health, in a deeply personalized & individualized wellness program of empowerment, that transforms lives forever.

Call today for a complimentary introductory session to learn how you can better address your unique situation and concerns.