Genomic Testing

Some of the most stubborn and debilitating conditions have a root in genetic abnormalities called SNPs. When you find out your unique genetic ‘SNiPs’ through genomic testing panels, you may reveal what links in your chain are responsible, and take steps to address them.

Body Composition Analysis / Bio Impedance Analysis - IN PERSON ONLY

When trying to lose weight or gain strength, its difficult to know when the gains and pains are beneficial. Also known as Bioimpedance Analysis, this proven technology provides an accurate assessment of your body composition and takes out the guesswork. BCA inexpensively and accurately tracks your fat mass, lean mass, intracellular and extracellular water which is a key indicator for pre-diabetic states, and even cellular reserves to provide a status snap-shot of your health. With each subsequent test, you can track progress to ensure your time and effort is going in the right direction

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Live Cell Inspection (Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy) - IN PERSON ONLY

Seeing is believing. Standard blood tests that are based on a dead, stained and smeared sample that gives us numbers and values for certain quantitative aspects. Although this technology should not be considered definitively diagnostic, being able to view live blood as a living system allows you to see your living cells and elements of your immune system in action, and gives you an opportunity to see aspects that remain otherwise hidden.

BioEnergetic Medicine

Poised to make sci-fi reality, the promise of BioEnergetic medicine offers much more than the traditional approach of waiting to act on symptoms. Many believe that issues start energetically, long before they manifest as symptoms. These new tools and technologies will guide us into the future of medicine, and unprecedented prevention. 

COLLECTION INSTRUCTIONS -  for Dutch Hormone Test Kit

Terrain Management (& Tissue pH Challenge Testing)

By now you likely know that the acidity level of your internal environment directly influences disease development including inflammation, cancer, fatigue and chronic pain? See what level of acidity your terrain has, and take action to correct it.

Cellular Oxidative Stress
How fast are you aging? How much free-radical damage are you currently under? This safe, quick, and simple test is a powerhouse for preventive action. We can actually see the levels of oxidative stress happening in our body right now, which means you can see how well your antioxidants are being utilized, and ultimately how fast you are aging.

Unlimited Virtual Access

As part of our elite white-glove service, a team of qualified health professionals design a custom program to provide comprehensive training and tools for your success, and walk you through all the steps to ensure you reach your goals. Unlimited text/email communication is included for questions and concerns, ranging from test results, to helping you choose the right products at a health food store. Not in our area? No problem, sessions may be conducted virtually via Skype. (limited number of positions available)

Dutch - Hormone Testing


Brad is a Naturopath and Homeopathic Doctor that works directly with people with deep personal attention. Everyone is different. Each person has unique needs and goals. You deserve to know all your options. Our system starts with individualization, followed by a customized program to fit you.

The system is integrative and collaborative, with licensed physicians and health professionals in all types of therapies, leveraging any and all tools and resources that will contribute to your best outcome, including traditional lab, clinical nutrition, diet & lifestyle programs, homeopathic medicines, and natural therapies.

Clinical Nutrition

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat”?. Well its not true, just ask someone who swallowed a nickel. A more accurate version would be “You are what you absorb”. Through advanced clinical nutritional evaluation and individualization, fact is separated from fiction where you receive a wealth of information and customized programs to address your unique needs, to make the most of your time, effort, and investment.

Want the most powerful anti-aging system available?

Need to fell better, break the good/bad day cycles, or just want to regain lost vitality?

Your team works with you closely and thoroughly to find root causes that keep you stuck, or prevent you from moving forward, and will hold your hand through your comprehensive individualized and personalized program to help you achieve your best mental, emotional, and physical health.

Metabolic Typing & Blood Typing

There’s a phrase you may know - ‘One persons food is anothers poison’. Why is this the case? We need to put the right fuel in your tank. Knowing your unique metabolic type, along with your blood type is powerful guiding information to aid in diet and lifestyle choices.

Energy Healing

If you have not had the fortunate experience of working with a gifted energy practitioner, do yourself a favor and book a session right away. The best parts of the human experience cannot be quantified, bottled, or even proven. This is a true healing art, for those that are able to offer this unique and powerful modality. 

Powerful  Anti-Aging  &  Nutrition


Classical & Constitutional Homeopathy

Often misunderstood and underestimated, when properly applied through a thorough intake and careful remedy selection, homeopathy can yield unparalleled results. Great for children, women, adults, and seniors, this safe and powerful system is gaining worldwide attention. Service provided by a fully trained Homeopathic Doctor.

Electrodermal Testing (EAV)  - IN PERSON ONLY

Uses modern technology for safe and effective analysis of body systems. Known to be a great tool to aid in prevention and to help identify root causes to resolve chronic conditions like allergies, digestive, & immune issues.

ALCAT - Food Sensitivity